August 11


Schroth Physical Therapists in Layman’s Terms

By Alix Sorrel

August 11, 2023

Schroth physical therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in a specific approach to treating spinal conditions, such as scoliosis. They use a method called the Schroth method, which focuses on exercises and techniques designed to improve posture and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine.

What Makes Schroth Physical Therapists Different?

In simple terms, Schroth physical therapists are experts who help people with spine problems, like scoliosis, to improve their posture and strengthen their muscles. They teach exercises and techniques that are tailored to each individual's needs, with the goal of reducing pain, preventing further curvature of the spine, and improving overall quality of life.

Their work involves analyzing the patient's posture and spine curvature, and then guiding them through exercises and movements that help to correct imbalances and strengthen specific muscles. The exercises are often done in specific positions and with conscious breathing techniques to target the affected areas effectively.

Schroth physical therapists provide personalized care and support to their patients, teaching them how to maintain correct posture in their daily activities and offering guidance on exercises that can be performed at home. They also educate patients about their condition and help them understand how certain movements and habits can impact their spine health.

Benefits of Working with Schroth Physical Therapists

By working with a Schroth physical therapist, individuals with spinal conditions can improve their posture, reduce pain, increase flexibility, and potentially prevent the progression of their condition. These therapists play an important role in the overall treatment plan for individuals with scoliosis or other spinal issues, working alongside other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care.

At Integrated Physical Therapy & Pilates, our physical therapist Alix Sorrel, has had specialized training and expertise in the Schroth method. This training sets physical therapists apart from general physical therapists. Our goal at Integrated Physical Therapy & Pilates is to empower our patients to take an active role in managing their spinal health and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Origins of the Schroth method

The Schroth Method, designed by Katharina Schroth, has a rich history in the field of scoliosis treatment. Developed in the 1920s, it emerged as a groundbreaking non-surgical approach to addressing spinal curvature. Katharina Schroth, a scoliosis patient herself, devoted her life to finding a solution that didn't involve surgery. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and experimenting with different postures and exercises, she gradually formulated a comprehensive method to correct and manage scoliosis. Over the years, her method evolved and gained recognition, eventually becoming a cornerstone of conservative scoliosis treatment. Katharina Schroth's legacy lives on through the countless individuals who have benefited from her method, as it continues to be a significant contribution to the holistic management of scoliosis.


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