Alix Sorrel, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. DN, PCES, NCPT

Alix Sorrel’s journey to becoming a board certified Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist and opening her own practice began with a simple desire that blossomed into a passion: to help people take the steps necessary to make their body a complete, whole and fully integrated unit. “I want people to learn how to move in a way that their body works for them rather than against them,” she says earnestly. At a young age, Alix was profoundly moved when she attended physical therapy for a sports injury.

Changed by what she experienced, Alix recognized her life’s mission, and set out to fulfill her passion. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology/ Human Movement from Louisiana State University in 2006, and after deciding to take her education to the highest level earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Saint Augustine in 2008. She continued to further her education and expertise by obtaining a Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist.

Today, Alix is living her dream. She opened Integrated Physical Therapy in 2012, fulfilling the mission she set for herself many years ago…allowing her to integrate Pilates Rehabilitation into her physical therapy practice. “I enjoy providing one on one Physical Therapy Treatment and Pilates wellness services to my clients,” she says proudly. Alix is a local Educator with Polestar Pilates Education and a Certified Pilates Instructor through National Pilates Certification Program. .

Her unique practice of physical therapy involves the following:

  • Integrating manual therapy, dry needling, women’s health adversely affected by pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as pre/postnatal conditions, and incorporating Pilates rehabilitation
  • Using a qualitative approach treating the body as a whole
  • Helping clients gain full range of motion and efficient movement
  • Successfully treating acute or chronic pain

“In January 2013 we expanded the practice by adding a fully equipped Pilates studio with qualified Pilates instructors providing Pilates Instruction,” Alix says. This expansion allows patients discharged from physical therapy to continue with Pilates wellness classes – taking them on their way to wholeness and wellness.

Also keeping her busy are the pride and joys of her life, her daughter Emma and her son Carter. “I enjoy travelling, snowboarding, paddle-boarding and fishing whenever I can,” she says. “But what I love more than anything is nurturing and being a mother to Emma and Carter.”

At Integrated Physical Therapy, Alix’s unique approach to physical therapy and nurturing personality will lead you on the path to experiencing your body behaving in the optimal the way it was designed.


Katie Quattrone, Physical Therapist Assistant, Pilates Instructor

Katie Quattrone recently graduated from Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) in May of 2021 and started working at Integrated Physical Therapy in June the following month. However, Katie previously worked at IPT as a Pilates instructor for three years before deciding to go back to school to further her education.

She achieved her Polestar Pilates degree in the year 2018. Even at a young
age, Katie has always been interested in movement; she actually started taking Pilates
classes with her mom twice a week at the age of fifteen! This is where she started to
understand just how much she was interested in learning how the body worked and how
multifaceted, complicated, and complex the body actually was.

Katie went on to compete in kettle bell competitions throughout high school and college in places like Detroit and New Orleans, and eventually achieved her certification as a level one kettlebell teacher by the IKFF (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation). Katie has recently gotten engaged to her high school classmate, Chris Brewster, and is getting married June 25, 2022. There are so many exciting things in store for Katie, including being back home,
right where she belongs, at Integrated Physical Therapy! Katie recently furthered her
education and received her Pelvic Health Level One certification with the Academy of
Physical Therapy Association. This has become an area of interest that Katie wants to
delve into and concentrate her studies on women’s health issues.

To finish this off, Katie was given the best advice as a young student: your role in life is about more than just being placed in a job that you are good at; it was about doing what God called you to be. And this is a solid fact that Katie knows wholeheartedly is exactly where she is supposed to be! Katie loves her patients and cannot wait to continue learning and growing next to her friend and mentor, Alix Sorrel.


Shantelle Prejean, Pilates Instructor

Shantelle started dance at the age of five and has always had a love for the arts. She and her sister decided to opened up a dance studio, Dance Graphics in 1989. Shantelle has trained dancers of all ages over the years and some have moved on to dance professionally. Pilates was originally introduced to her in the dance world. When she saw how beneficial Pilates would be for her dancers she wanted to incorporate it in her classes and also in her life. Her desire was always to become certified, but with running a studio, time didn’t allow it. She continued to take Pilates classes over the years and noticed amazing changes with her body. “Not only was I getting stronger, But I carried myself better! My posture improved and my body changed for the better!”, Shantelle states.

After 30 successful years, her and her sister decided to sell the studio. The fist thing she did with her new free time, was getting Pilates Certified. She completed her Polestar Pilates Comprehensive certification in 2021. Now, she is able to fill her desire of teaching effective ways for the body to move safely while challenging her clients. Shantelle has a wealth of knowledge in teaching, motivating, and understanding her clients need for safe and effective movement. Her love for rehabilitation helps her continue to learn from Alix, who mentors her along with the amazing team here at Integrated Physical Therapy.

Shantelle and her husband Greig live in the heart of Carencro surrounded by beautiful farmland. She enjoys spending time with her family and two daughters, Charley and Laurel, and her grand-dogs, Chase and Tubb. Shantelle and Greig are enjoying their grandchild.


Michelle Francioni, Pilates Instructor

Michelle began practicing Pilates in 2008 while healing from a traumatic injury and fell in love with how it not only aided her recovery, but also strengthened her body. Recently retired from teaching high school, she was looking for a way to keep both her mind and body actively engaged. Combining her former career with her passion for Pilates made perfect sense, so with encouragement from Alix, she began instructor training with Polestar Pilates.

Michelle started teaching right away upon completion of her coursework. Michelle says she finds great joy showing people who may not have a recent background in exercise that “their bodies are capable and can become stronger at all stages of life!” She enjoys teaching people how alignment, breath, balance, and strength can improve their everyday lives at any age.

She currently lives in the heart of Lafayette where she and her husband enjoy hosting friends and family and showing them all that Cajun Country has to offer. They have two cats and a chocolate lab that loves to swim. After living away for many years, Michelle is happy to be back in Lafayette, LA.


Hollie Gary, Pilates Instructor

Hollie is native to the Lafayette area, and a ULL graduate. She has been taking Pilates here at Integrated for several years and recently completed the Polestar Pilates Education comprehensive course. Pilates has helped Hollie deal with stress from a fast place work environment and with some physical issues. She is passionate about helping others and her mission is to provide a positive movement experience designed to meet her clients’ needs and goals. She aspires to share her love of Pilates with others with the hope that they too will benefit from it as much as she has.

Beside Pilates some of her interests include Art, Science, Nature and Health. She loves walking and exploring out in nature to see what is growing and changing with each season, finding inspiration from the different colors, shapes and textures and then incorporating it into her artwork. She loves handmade unique pieces of art, and enjoys making art pieces by hand, which consist mainly of Pottery and Textile Art. She is a hand weaver and makes hand woven fabric on a Japanese style floor loom, also enjoys making hand stitched embroidery pieces. Pilates helps her physically, so she is able to continue pursuing her interest that brings her Joy.

She currently resides in Parks, Louisiana with her husband Josh and her Fur Babies, Enzo and Satoko. When they can, they enjoy traveling to the beach or rock climbing in the mountains. They also like going for afternoon flights in the plane her husband and his grandfather built. Hollie’s favorite part of these flight excursions is looking for inspiration below to apply in her artwork from this unique perspective. She is still in the process of  trying to get over her fear of heights. Hollie and Josh also like planting a garden and trying to grow their own food.

Hollie is all about positive energy and establishing proper movement patterns to avoid injury and stay active as well as finding beauty in her surroundings.


Andrea Norris, Pilates Instructor

Andrea “Ani” Norris is a Louisiana native returning to her home State after her and her husband, Justin, spent 7 years in Charleston, SC. Andrea fell in love with Fitness after 14 years of Dance training and while attending LSU, as a Fashion Design Major, she  started teaching Yoglates for fun. Through the years she has obtained certifications in Pilates, Barre, Health Coaching, Group Fitness as well as a certification in personal training through NASM. In her free time she enjoys long-distance running, completing 9 full marathons and countless half-marathons. Ani, Justin and their children have love being back in Louisiana with all the southern hospitality and traditions.


Brittany Duhon, Office Manager, Pilates Instructor

Brittany is a native of Louisiana and after traveling as a child with her family she has settled in Abbeville with her husband and 2 children.  Zoey her daughter is a senior in high school and her son Carter is 7 years old. When she is not at the office she spends a lot of her time watching her daughter playing sports and spending outdoor time with her son. She enjoys going on fishing trips with her family, particularly offshore fishing. She is also a local artist and has found success selling her pieces store front in Lafayette and Mandeville.  Brittany often works with local interior designers and donates her artwork for fundraisers with many local charities.

Brittany has more than 10 years experience in the Chiropractic and Physiotherapy field where she found a passion for patient care and overall health and wellness. Her mother had severe scoliosis and while she was growing up she spent a lot of time with her mom in wellness settings which peaked her interest. In 2016 she was certified in Pilates Mat and Reformer. The knowledge she gained through this training in addition to her experience in patient care has made her attention to detail and focus on body alignment through her teaching more prominent. 


Carah Stuart, Pilates Instructor

Bio coming soon

Charley Hebert, Pilates Instructor

Charley has been a Pilates Instructor with our team since 2016. She graduated from ULL in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Throughout her college career, she worked here at Integrated and at her mothers dance studio, Dance Graphics. Charley danced for 16 years and has continued to teach dance in addition to Pilates. She has always had a passion for movement so when she was introduced to Pilates, her worlds collided and everything aligned. She started her training with a mat gateway Course through Polestar Pilates Education then continued with the full comprehensive course here at Integrated. Charley received her certification and started teaching right away.

When asked what brings her joy in her work she states: “Teaching people how to consciously and properly move not just in Pilates classes but also in their everyday lives is so rewarding!”.  She enjoys working with people who want to get to know and be in tune with their own body. Charley understands that every body is different and finding appropriate exercises and movements for each individual is her strong suit. Her students’ ages range from 7 to 90 years old.

She currently resides in Breaux Bridge where her and her husband enjoy fishing trips in the basin. She also loves spending time with her husband, J.T., baby Thomas and their dog, Tubb.